While I've got some free time here between school ending and starting work on Firefox I thought it might be fun to try to make a website a day. This is inspired by things like inktober where people try and do a drawing a day with the difference that I doubt that I'll do this for an entire month.

🐁 Aesop's Fable

A new font (Karla) that I have not used before, and boxes that move with your mouse. The movement is most visible when you have a mouse but on mobile touching the screen will causes them to wiggle.

🕋 3D Cube

A spinning 3D cube made with Three.js. I made some effort to have crisp edges, nice shine, and good colors.

👀 Screen Reader Preferred

A website best read with a screen reader about writing websites that are screen reader compatible.

🌊 Masking Text & CSS Animation

Masks text over an image of the ocean and has some animated bubbles. I like websites with a video banner on their homepage, but feel like it is often more for show than functionality. I was interested in exploring how something like that could be incorporated into other parts of a website.

🎨 Personal Store Page

Mockup of a store page for a friend of mine named Keyah who'd like to sell some of her art. I also made a mockup of a new Cascade Organic website in a similar style here. More to come on that front.